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Last Name First Name Research/Clinical Interest Title Keywords
AGARWAL ANUPAM Regulation of heme oxygenase gene expression in kidney and vascular injury heme oxygenase, acute renal failure, atherosclerosis, transcriptional gene regulation
ANDERSON PETER Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Health Sciences Education Cardiovascular pathology, animal models of human disease, technology enhanced education
BAILEY SHANNON Molecular mechanisms of chronic alcohol and obesity induced fatty liver disease Molecular mechanisms of alcohol and obesity induced liver diseases; Mitochondrial dysfunction in disease; Molecular bioenergetics; Circadian biology; Functional proteomics; Nitric oxide; Free radical biology; Toxicology
BALKOVETZ DANIEL Epithelial Cell Biology; Epithelial Cell Signal Regulation; Regulation of paracellular transport across epithelial cell tight junctions epithelial cells, claudins, tight junctions, E-cadherin, hepatocyte growth factor, ERK, MDCK
BALLINGER SCOTT Environmental cardiology, free radical biology, mitochondrial function atherosclerosis, environmental cardiology, mitochondria, oxidative stress, evolutionary medicine
BAMMAN MARCAS Skeletal muscle mass regulation in aging, disease, and exercise medicine muscle atrophy, muscle function, protein synthesis, exercise medicine, satellite cell
BASU MALAY Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Genomics, bioinformatics, high-performance computing, grid computing, computational biology, evolution
BEBOK ZSUZSANNA Membrane protein expression regulation by the unfolded protein response (UPR) and mutations. membrane proteins, ER stress, UPR, SNP, mutation, CFTR, micro-RNA
BELLIS SUSAN Cell/matrix interactions in disease and tissue regeneration integrin, death receptors, cell adhesion, apoptosis, signal transduction, glycosylation, extracellular matrix, bone, biomaterials, tissue engineering
BEVENSEE MARK Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Acid-base Transporters and pH Regulation acid-base, bicarbonate, transporter, brain, fluorescence dyes, glia , heart, intracellular pH, microelectrodes, neuron, Xenopus oocyte, neuronal firing, kidney, polycystic kidney disease, epithelial sodium channel
BLALOCK J Rational Drug and Vaccine Design/Neutrophilic Inflammation
BRIDGES S Genetic influences on susceptibility, severity, and treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis; genetics; African-Americans; pharmacogenetics; biomarkers; autoantibodies
BUCHSBAUM DONALD Cancer immunotherapy Immunotherapy, apoptosis, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer
BULLARD DANIEL Regulation of Immune and Inflammatory Responses adhesion molecules, lupus, vasculitis, psoriasis
CAPRIOTTI EMIDIO Computational Biology/Bioinformatics protein and RNA three-dimensional structure, folding and stability, genomic variations, disease-related variants, machine-learning
CHATHAM JOHN Cardiomyocyte function and survival in ischemia/reperfusion and the impact of diabetes: Myocardial ischemia, diabetic cardiomyopathy, O-GlcNAc
CHAUDRY IRSHAD Cardiovascular/Immunological Alterations Following Trauma-Sepsis trauma, hemorrhage, sepsis, gender dimorphism, immune functions, cardiovascular functions
CHEN YABING Gene Regulation and Function in the Pathogenesis of Disease vascular calcification, vascular osteoclasts, tumorigenesis and resistance
CHENG GUANGJIE Nox- and heme peroxidase-mediated cell signaling and inflammatory diseases Reactive oxygen species, Nox enzymes, Heme peroxidases, Cell signaling, Cardiovascular, Inflammation
CLINTON SARAH The interplay of genes, stress, development and risk for mental illness stress, depression, anxiety, development